San Rafael Raspberry

Our experience at Asia Fruit Logistica

At Viveros California, San Rafael raspberry variety specialists, we had a positive experience at Asia Fruit Logistica 2018 in Hong Kong. Would you like to find out about our experience?

This year was not the first time that Viveros California has attended a sector event of this calibre. It is not uncommon for us to attend agriculture fairs as we have many reasons to showcase our work and products, especially our San Rafael raspberries, a variety that we are particularly proud of.

As one of the leading companies in the sector, our group was part of a wide range of companies that packed out the last Asia Fruit Logistica fair, one of the most important international events in the red fruit sector.

The star of our Viveros California stand was our San Rafael raspberry. Our group has one of the best distribution infrastructures for this variety in Spain.

Our stand was in Hall 5c / L51 alongside our colleagues Inter Terra, under the Grupo Medina brand.

San rafael raspberry

Our star products at Asia Fruit Logistica

Asia Fruit Logistica was the perfect platform for us to showcase our San Rafael raspberry variety, which is fruit of an experienced R&D team, who are constantly striving to improve fruit quality. Our group develops, produces and distributes material adapted to farmers and their different crop areas. One of the varieties that is proving most successful in the Spanish sector is our San Rafael raspberry.

San Rafael is a deciduous shrub plant and it is classified as a floricane variety, as it produces fruit on the cane during the second year. Large in size, they weigh more than their competitors’ average, are a long conical shape and imposingly tall, making them one of the safest bets to ensure returns on purchasing our raspberry plants.

Furthermore, we also presented our fresh dug bare root strawberry plants. These plants are dug from the ground, at peak maturity, without any leaves. They are classified and packaged in different formats, mainly 500 plants/tray, which are cool-stored and delivered quickly to farmers.

In short, we are truly grateful for our wonderful experience at Asia Fruit Logistica and would especially like to thank our colleagues at Inter Terra, who we shared the Grupo Medina stand with. What’s more, we are very satisfied with how well our San Rafael raspberry was received during this event.