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What is “Good Berry”?

At Viveros California, we are experts in strawberry plant sales and are deeply involved in a project that aims to discover which forest fruit varieties adapt well to climate change

As we have mentioned on several occasions, at Viveros California, we’re experts in selling strawberry plants, and we believe that research and innovation is key for our business. That is why we decided to participate in a project with 19 research institutions and technology research companies. The project’s objective is to find out which forest fruit varieties adapt well to climate change in Europe, i.e. those that develop in good conditions, even the most adverse situations.

In other words, we’re looking for the GoodBerry concept by examining the different strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant varieties that have been selected for their nutritional properties and because they adapt well to the climate changes that we are facing in Europe.


What makes a GoodBerry?

The GoodBerry project has a budget of €4.87 m. Furthermore, many European countries are participating in the project: Germany has the highest involvement (26%), followed by Spain (22%), France and Italy (11%) and lastly, Belgium, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom (5%).

This quest for the GoodBerry variety is due to the increasing temperatures recorded in Europe in recent years due to climate change. To this end, the research must:

  • Identify the berry germoplasm that promotes a good balance between yield and nutritional quality in different EU countries.
  • Develop innovative production systems that ensure high yield in a wide range of European environments and standardised, reliable analytical tools to assess berry production and quality in suboptimal growing conditions.

We will already have some telling results in the next cropping season, which will give us an overall idea of the situation in all European countries. This stage involves field tests, collecting data and a series of training sessions called Berry School. The main objective is to teach the technicians about the activities and tools that we have to use to optimally develop the new improvement factors.

At Viveros Californiawe’re experts in strawberry plant sales and we’re pleased to be involved in this type of research, which could be revolutionary for European berry farming.