Venta de plantas de fresa Marisol

Marisol 2020-21 season goes ahead

It is common knowledge that this season is somewhat unusual. Even so, as experts in strawberry plants, we are very proud of our team’s hard work, overcoming the adversities brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the sector greatly.

The decrease in planting surfaces and reduced investment by growers has forced the Viveros California team to reinvent itself once again in order to achieve positive results during a season shrouded in uncertainty. This work has mainly concerned the product’s quality and the assurance that Marisol strawberry plants represent a solid commitment to a product that always offers excellent results.

The remarkable effort made by our technical and sales teams, as well as all Viveros California workers, deserves this post to show our gratitude, given that a lack of staff meant their efforts were doubled to ensure that all orders and business expectations were met.

One of the key aspects during this season has been the rise in potted strawberries. This product type has experienced its most successful season in our region, confirming a growing trend compared with two or three seasons ago. Growers who apply the most novel techniques are showing preference for this product given its earliness, plant quality and reduced plant mortality, which is often greater in bare root plants.

Venta de plantas de fresa Marisol

Marisol, a variety that is exclusive to our company, has become one of the flagships of growth at Viveros California, as a company specialising in strawberry plant sales on an international level. The region of Huelvathe cradle of strawberry growers in Spain – champions Marisol as a key variety, and as such, its performance during this season is seeing positive results in line with the growing demand.

Marisol is a short-day variety, with an average earliness and is a very rustic and tough plant. Its pedicels are over its foliage, facilitating harvesting and therefore reducing associated costs. What’s more, it is quite resistant to disease, particularly soil fungi, and works well in both first and second-year ridges.

As for their distinctive traits, Marisol strawberries have a large calibre and firmness, a conical shape and vibrant red colour. They are very sweet and maintain their brix degrees throughout the season, making them perfect for the export market.

Our sales team favours growers who are always looking to innovate their production, as they directly opt for Marisol, which offers exceptional quality and a very intense flavour.

María Blanco, our Spain and Portugal Sales Manager champions the variety, “These strawberries promise good performance and quality to those who look after them, not just those who plant them.”