Venta de plantas de fresa

March: the month when strawberries are star of the show

The month of March has arrived and it does not seem possible that the international pandemic that swept over us is already one year old. The takeaway from this unprecedented year for our company, which specialises in strawberry plant sales, is the importance of agricultural work and the struggle to make our sector essential.

And during this month of March, we would like to commemorate Women’s History Month by showing our appreciation for our female workforce, who have received several awards throughout 2020 for their good business practices. It is also the occasion to celebrate another important mainstay for our company: our strawberries.

Venta de plantas de fresa

Red is the colour of March, since it is when strawberries take centre stage in our homes and on the shelves of supermarkets and greengrocers. As a company with expertise in strawberry plant sales, we know that it is one of the star products not only throughout March, but also at the start of spring.

Strawberry season traditionally starts at the end of March and lasts until August, but here at Viveros California, we boast several possibilities. Thanks to the R&D conducted by companies such as ours, you can enjoy strawberries all year round, but it is certain that their flavour and properties are at their best when in season. There are thousands of ways to enjoy strawberries and we have written about many of them on our blog!

This month, we would also like to highlight that the sector is celebrating because 20 March is International Strawberry Day. The Andalusian Inter-trade Strawberry Organisation(INTERFRESA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment (MAPAMA by its acronym in Spanish) selected this date and started promoting this key day for the sector some years ago. The initiative’s objective was more than achieved, as it aimed to highlight this product’s importance for our region and promote its consumption.

This date was chosen because it is close to the start of the spring, the season when this fruit is at its best in Spain and across the continent.

What’s more, to promote fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet, the United Nations designated 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

Venta de plantas de fresa

Including fruit and vegetables in our diet is vitally important, and as experts in strawberry plant sales, we are also aware of the sustainable methods that are proving so valuable during the growing trend towards responsible consumption. Our little corner of the Internet, particularly our news section, could serve as a great source of inspiration if you are looking for more reasons to eat fruit and vegetables, especially at this time of year. 😉