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Leaders in quality: Viveros California and its berries ✅

At Viveros California, as well as growing and marketing strawberry plants, we boast work, plantation and optimisation spaces for other red berry plants too. The fact that we are leaders in raspberry plant sales makes us strive for excellence in the world of berries and the international recognition we’ve gained is proof of that.

When we talk about red berries in Spain, we’re talking about strawberries, especially those grown in Huelva, but we actually work far beyond this prolific red berry-growing region. Viveros California has also been present in Castile and León for several years as a leading raspberry plantation company, which goes hand in hand with the prestige synonymous with this autonomous community’s produce.

raspberry plant sales

There are many reasons why Viveros California – raspberry growing specialists – opted for this region: the ground’s characteristics and day/night temperature contrast are two of the elements that make our company’s berry crop head and shoulders above the competition, ensuring exceptional quality. When we talk about our company striving for excellence and the exceptional quality of our produce, we’re referring to our actions and commitment.

Production keeps growing and the quality of the produce that leaves our work centres is optimal. Our commitment to this region has consolidated Viveros California’s position as one of the best mother plant companies in the world.

At Viveros California, we have 50 years’ experience working with red berries, which has served as an example for many generations that have grown alongside our ambitious and professional project. Being a family-run company has not curbed our expectations and our sustained international growth has been thanks to continuous training and relying on qualified staff for important roles.

raspberry plant sales

Our company – raspberry plant specialists – arrived in Castile and León with an important investment and searching for higher and colder climes with the perfect growing conditions to ripen the plants and later conclude their production process in warmer places like southern Spain or northern Morocco. With this system, we achieve an early production, which is also considered one of the project’s most successful.

If you are looking for a trusted supplier specialising in raspberry plant sales, do not hesitate to contact the Viveros California sales team. We offer comprehensive advice in line with your needs and we’ll answer any queries you have about our work. We are here to help and keep growing alongside all of customers!