How can we improve strawberry production?

At Viveros California, experts in strawberry plant sales, we analyse Ifapa’s studies on how to improve red berry productivity.

At Viveros California, we specialise in strawberry plant sales and that’s why we are always up to date with all the latest sector developments. In fact, we always dedicate part of our budget to our innovation department, which examines and develops techniques and methods to innovate the strawberry and raspberry plant sector.

In Andalusia, and more specifically in Huelva, the red berry sector is one of the strongest in Spain. Besides creating employment, it is one of the sectors with the most exports to foreign markets in terms of strawberry sales. That’s why a vast range of organisations are working together to continue developing the sector.

As such, the International Centre for Studies and Ecological and Environmental Conventions (Ciecema) in Almonte hosted the presentation of the latest tests on strawberry and blueberry varieties. The research was conducted by the Andalusian Regional Government’s Institute for Farming and Fishing Research and Training (Ifapa) through the Regional Ministry of Farming to improve red berry production.


Introducing new research next crop year

This event was organised by Ifapa and the Almonte’s Ministry of Agriculture because it is one of the largest red berry producers in the area. Its objective was to provide strawberry, raspberry and blueberry farmers with new information from the research conducted so they can introduce new tools next crop year. As was highlighted by Ifapa president, Jerónimo Pérez, the end objective is “to develop knowledge and transfer it to farmers so that they can solve their problems.”

Almonte’s mayoress, Rocío Espinosa, stressed how important it was that the public administrations and Ifapa chose to present the research results in the town because it is an important sector for the area’s and province’s economy.


Research: fundamental for this sector

These studies are very important for agricultural development in Doñana, given that these areas’ characteristics must be considered to assess water consumption and other environmental factors. Furthermore, we need to be up to date and have the most competitive fruit varieties to ensure we do not lose momentum on the foreign market and remain leaders in strawberry exportation in Europe.

At Viveros California, we are experts in strawberry plant sales and strive to be at up to date with information about the red berry sector to hold onto our privileged position in the market and the production that our region does so well.